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 Category: Series


Starring: Amy Wong, Steven Yeun
Series, 1 Season, 10 Episodes
Beef explores the consequences of unresolved conflicts and the ripple effects they have on individuals and their communities. What begins as a minor road rage incident spirals into a life-altering journey for two people and those connected to them. While initially struggling to engage with the series, I found myself drawn in as the story unfolded, ultimately staying invested until the final moments. Amy Wong and Steven Yeun deliver standout performances, anchoring the series with their compelling portrayals.

Binge: Quite bingeworthy. Took me 3 sessions.
Tags: #Action #RoadRage #Korean #Self-Discovery
Where to see it: Netflix

The Bear

Starring: Jeremy Allen White, Ayo Edebiri
Series, 2 Seasons, 20 Episodes
Yes Chef! The Bear serves up an intense drama centered around a man grappling with the responsibility of inheriting his deceased brother's sandwich shop. While I won't reveal spoilers, this series is an absolute must-watch. It delves deep into themes of overcoming adversity, finding self-respect, and navigating family complexities. "The Bear" takes unexpected turns, offering viewers a journey they never anticipated. The exceptional performances by leads Ayo Edebiri and Jeremy Allen White are truly deserving of the accolades they've received.
(This review is for seasons 1 & 2)

Binge: Absolutely bingeworthy. 2 seasons so get started now!
Tags: #Restaurant, #FamilyDysfunction, #GenerationalTrauma
Where to see it: Disney+

Special Ops: Lioness

Starring: Zoe Saldana, Laysla De Oliveira, Nicole Kidman
Series, 1 Season, 8 Episodes
Lioness delivers an exhilarating experience with its relentless action and expertly crafted suspense leading up to an explosive climax that doesn't disappoint. However, it's worth noting that the series does contain graphic violence, making it unsuitable for all audiences. Personally, I found "Lioness" to be thoroughly captivating. The weekly release schedule kept me eagerly anticipating each new episode, often prompting me to re-watch them in anticipation. The performances from the entire cast are outstanding, and wow Nicole Kidman!
(This review is for season 1)

Binge: This one was drip released but if you're coming in now, 1000% bingeable!
Tags: #CIA #SpecialOps #Action #Violence #Military
Where to see it: Paramount+, Prime Video Paramount+

The Curse

Starring: Emma Stone, Nathan Fielder, Benny Safdie
Series, 1 Season, 10 Episodes
The Curse is undeniably terrible, in that 'ugh' kind of way. Yet, it's the kind of awfulness that strangely compels you, much like witnessing a train wreck or a car crash you can't tear your eyes away from. As a fan of the absurd, I found this series fitting perfectly into that realm of absurdity. Nathan Fielder, known for his knack for absurdity, manages to elicit a dislike that's almost impressive. Benny Safdie's appearance adds to the chaotic mix, like ugh, that haircut!. But perhaps the saving grace comes in the form of Emma Stone, whom I have a soft spot for. She navigates her ridiculous role with a finesse that highlights her mastery of awkwardness. The Curse may be intentionally horrible, and the reasons behind it remain a mystery that only God knows!
(This review is for season 1)

Binge: Sure I guess
Tags: #Absurd #Ridiculous #TrainWreck
Where to see it: Paramount +, Prime Video Paramount+


Starring: Phoebe Waller-Bridge, Sian Clifford
Series, 2 Seasons, 12 Episodes
Fleabag offers a raw and honest portrayal of a woman—nicknamed Fleabag—who grapples with various challenges in her life, from love and relationships to family dynamics and career setbacks. Portrayed by the talented Phoebe Waller-Bridge, Fleabag's character is a unique blend of dry humor and direct address to the audience, creating a distinct narrative style. Despite her frequent missteps, there's an undeniable charm to Fleabag, and Waller-Bridge's performance is captivating.
(This review is for seasons 1 & 2)

Binge: For sure! I did this one in 2 days.
Tags: #British #Absurd #TrainWreck #Comedy
Where to see it: Prime Video

The Consultant

Starring: Christoph Waltz, Nat Wolff
Series, 1 Season, 8 Episodes
The Consultant is an absolute whirlwind of a show. Hovering between thrilling suspense and mind-bending science fiction, it adds a generous sprinkling of absurdity for good measure. Picture it as a hybrid of The Office and a surreal acid trip—utterly captivating in its bizarre charm. Despite its wild premise, the series maintains a coherent narrative that keeps you hooked from start to finish. With Christoph Waltz, known for his stellar performances in Tarantino films, leading the charge, you're in for a treat. Here's to hoping for a second season to dive even deeper into this fantastical world!

Binge: Totally bingeable. You will want to watch the next episode just to try to see what the heck is going on here.
Tags: #Thriller #Absurd #Office #SciFi
Where to see it: Prime Video

The OA

Starring: Brit Marling, Jason Isaacs, Emory Cohen, Kingsley Ben-Adir, Phyllis Smith
Series, 2 Seasons, 16 Episodes
The OA is an extraordinary journey into the depths of the mind, blending elements of thriller, science fiction, and supernatural intrigue. With themes ranging from near-death experiences to inter-dimensional travel, the series offers a riveting exploration of the unknown. What truly sets The OA apart is its masterful storytelling, gradually drawing viewers into its enigmatic world before unleashing a mind-bending explosion of narrative complexity in season 2. Jason Isaacs delivers a compelling performance as the captivating antagonist, whose motives may surprise and even elicit sympathy from audiences. Adding to the unique tapestry of the show is the inclusion of modern dance, which serves as a central element to the story, offering both symbolism and spectacle. The OA is a must-watch for those craving an immersive and thought-provoking journey through realms of imagination and possibility.
(This review is for seasons 1 & 2)

Binge: You won't be able to get enough! Good luck!
Tags: #SciFi #Mystery #Thriller #MindBender #MultiVerse
Where to see it: Netflix


Starring: Jonathan Groff, Holt McCallany, Anna Torv
Series, 2 Seasons, 19 Episodes
Mindhunter delves into the realm of true crime with a captivating narrative loosely based on the FBI's behavioral psychology department—the pioneers behind the term "Serial Killer." This dark and intense action-drama brushes against notorious figures like BTK, Son of Sam, Kemper, and Charles Manson, among others, offering a chilling glimpse into their twisted minds. As you watch, Mindhunter immerses you in the investigations, making you feel like an integral part of the team.
(This review is for seasons 1 & 2)

Binge: You'll want to take it easy with this one.
Tags: #Crime #TrueCrime #FBI #SerialKiller #CriminalPsychology
Where to see it: Netflix

The Diplomat

Starring: Keri Russel
Series, 1 Season, 8 Episodes
The Diplomat blends international intrigue with the complexities of government service. Keri Russell delivers a standout performance, skillfully navigating the challenges of life at a diplomatic post alongside her challenging marriage. I was thoroughly captivated by the The Diplomat, eagerly anticipating the arrival of season 2.

Binge: One sitting please, thank you.
Tags: #CIA #Government #Drama #Espionage
Where to see it: Netflix
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